What exactly does Body Contouring Entail?

Body sculpting, often called body contouring, is a medical or surgical procedure that changes the shape of a body portion. It may entail operations to remove excess skin, reduce fat, and reshape or contour the area. Body sculpting does not usually aid in weight loss. Instead, it aids in body shaping and addresses specific places where weight loss has failed, or severe weight loss has resulted in excess skin.


What happens before you get your body contoured?

You’ll visit with a plastic surgeon first. Your goals, medical history, including health issues, allergies, and previous surgeries, medications you’re taking, including vitamins and over-the-counter drugs, and use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs will all be discussed. In addition, the healthcare professional will evaluate and measure the area(s) that you wish to modify. With a marker or pen, draw on the area(s). Take photographs. Make recommendations after discussing your alternatives. If you’re considering surgery, consider the risks and possibilities, as well as an anesthetic and post-operative pain management.


What occurs once you’ve had your body contoured?

Even after surgical treatments, most people return home the same day. If you’re having surgery, someone should drive you home and stay with you the first night. A tiny tube may be inserted near one or more incisions in draining fluid and minimizing swelling. Your surgical team will provide you with post-operative instructions.


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