Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Certification Courses and Training

Do your clients have some excess weakening skin that they’d like to bind up? Radio Frequency (RF) procedure could be the resolution!

This skin-tightening system ultimately gets smoother, younger-looking skin with implicitly 0% risks or side effects. Nevertheless, how long do the results last? If you decide to offer this method at your salon/spa, clients will ask that question, and here’s what we know…

How Long Do Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatments Last?

When clients ask how long RF skin tightening lasts, they might want to know two things. They will either wonder about the length of time needed for treatment or when their results are noticeable after.

The duration of the Radio Frequency session will depend on which area they wish to treat. The number of sessions needed will also vary depending how tight or loose your skin is. But for truly visible results, clients usually need between six to ten treatments over three months carried out in 20-40 minute intervals per treatment so you can get a general idea as to what time length works best with our specific radio frequency services.

When it comes down specifically radio frequencies and how long each process should take that all depends on where exactly you would like us to target but typically we have found after conducting multiple different studies that if anything more than 6 consecutive treatments are performed then around 3-4 weeks apart from one another about 60% improvement rate has been achieved within 90

The client will notice improvements immediately, with optimal results being visible after twelve weeks. The effects improve as new collagen is produced and last for a minimum of six months.

RF skin tightening is definitely a promising procedure. Healthline shares many scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this treatment option, particularly for face slimming. According to one study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal which lasted five weeks, 90% of women were satisfied with their results after completing it.

If you want to learn about RF skin tightening and offer it as a service, consider the online courses we have available.

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Certification

If you are interested in becoming an RF skin tightening technician, we offer a certification training course that will teach you everything about this procedure. It is self-paced and unlimited access to our online learning portal ensures your success!

Interested in joining our course? Then check out this page, and get in touch with us if you want more information about other courses we offer.


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