Colombian wood therapy classes and courses

Colombian wood therapy is quickly rising in popularity with licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and spa professionals due to its beneficial health effects. We offer specialized Colombian wood therapy courses and Maderoterapia training that allow professionals to proficiently practice this unique form of therapy on their clients. Our courses include detailed instruction on how Colombian wood therapy treatments can be used safely and effectively, benefiting patients’ well-being. With our Colombian wood therapy courses, you’ll be able to amaze your clients as you provide them with a distinctive experience administered using Colombian woods that promote physical healing. Join us to begin offering Colombian wood therapy treatments to your clients!

Colombian wood therapy is an innovative form of massage therapy that promotes health and wellbeing. It uses special Colombian hardwood tools which are rubbed into the skin to aid in muscle pain relief, reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

The Colombian wood treatment is designed to improve posture, relaxation, body alignment and energy flow. Its popularity is mainly due to its demonstrated results and customers returning for repeated treatments. As a business owner, Colombian Wood Therapy Training is an attractive option because it increases your clientele’s satisfaction with their treatment. It allows you to offer something unique that few masseuses have the knowledge or skillset to provide and can be incredibly profitable. Providing Colombian wood treatment training to your clients could give your business the edge it needs to succeed over other massage parlours in your area!

Maderoterapia, otherwise known as Colombian wood therapy, is quickly gaining popularity all over the world due to its relaxing and therapeutic effects. The process of Maderoterapia has been practiced for many years and is registered with the Health Ministry of Colombia, so you know it’s a safe and reliable treatment that yields great results. Maderoterapia is also easy to learn – seeing as it only uses smooth wooden tools (also known as maders) to massage your body. There are Madero courses available online that are designed specifically to teach you how Madero can benefit your wellbeing. So get ready to reduce stress and tension, improve mental clarity and physical mobility, while having a blast doing Maderoterapia!

If you’re looking for a treatment that can help your clients achieve dramatic results, Colombian wood therapy is the answer. This treatment is not only incredibly effective but it’s also gentle and relaxing. With our free training, you can learn how to offer this popular treatment to your clients. Register now and join us for an in-depth look at Colombian wood therapy.


Ultimate Body Contouring Business Package (10-in-1 Courses)

Ultimate Body Contouring
Business Package
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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation
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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
Non-Invasive Non-Surgical

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