With the rapid and continuous expansion of technology, almost everything is now possible. The greatest invention of the 20th century is the internet because we can access almost everything there, and it sure did change the trajectory of humanity.


Social Media vs. Insecurity

Social media daily usage of internet users spend an average of 145 minutes per day. We spend so much time on social media because of the daily news and updates of people and happenings around the world. As we scroll down on our favorite applications like Facebook, Google, and Instagram, we see hundreds of pictures of men and women and their hourglass bodies and toned abs that make us question our own. Yes, we can choose to ignore it and be content with our bodies, but wouldn’t it be nice if we had bodies like theirs?

Again, because of the rapid and continuous expansion of technology, plastic surgeries are now possible; people can now choose the type of face and body that they want to boost their confidence.

These people not only get insecure with toned bodies of men and women on social media, but they also see picture-perfect men and women in malls that make them not want to go out at all.

Because of how these people’s mental health is affecting them, they take risks and choose procedures that they know will change their life forever.


Body Contouring: Pros and Cons

Body contouring is one of the fields in the world of plastic surgery. This is a type of surgery that can make one’s body look toned and smaller without even having the need to exercise. People choose this procedure if diet and exercise give them minimal to no results at all. Nowadays, people care too much about their physical features and compare themselves to picture-perfect men and women that they are willing to spend so much money to make themselves look acceptable.


How does it work?

Body contouring replaces fat cells with healthy cells and removes excess skin after a compelling weight loss. This is also a safe and effective way of losing weight. There are many body contouring procedures such as liposuction, micro-sculpting, laser sculpting, Kybella, and ultraslim. Such procedures can make a person’s confidence boost and can make one’s body firmer and fuller.


What are the cons?

As safe as body contouring procedures are because it doesn’t require stitches, like any other surgical procedure, it also has its cons. Such a surgical procedure requires local or general anesthesia, which can lead to several side effects like temporary confusion and memory loss, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and a lot more. Each body contouring procedure has its different costs, recovery time, side effects, and results. It can also be pretty invasive, as medical instruments are present during the procedures. The medical instruments used for these surgeries release ultrasound waves that can be harmful to human ears, even though we cannot actually hear them.

There are a lot of ways we can naturally and surgically lose weight, but we are in no place to question people who want nothing but boost their self-esteem. If they think it’s their way to make themselves happy, we should feel happy for them as well. There is no need for judgment and criticism – they’ve heard enough.

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