Body Contouring: Do You Need a License to Get Started?

Are you interested in providing body contouring services but are uncertain about the licensing requirements? This article aims to clarify whether you need a license to get started in the body contouring industry.

Body contouring treatments are generally considered non-invasive since they don’t involve piercing the skin. This non-invasive nature is a key factor contributing to the lack of regulation in this industry in most states.

The good news for aspiring body contouring professionals is that, in many places, you do not need a specific body contouring license. However, the absence of strict regulations means that it’s even more crucial to prioritize safety and quality in your practice.

If you want to get started or are unsure about the regulations in your state, it’s essential to do some research. Websites like might have valuable links to help you discover the specific requirements in your area.

In the realm of non-invasive body contouring, you’ll find that regulations are generally quite lenient. However, we strongly advise taking the extra step to consult your local state-based business regulator to ensure full compliance. The surge in popularity of injectables such as Kybella or Poly-L-Lactic Acid for procedures like booty lifts has prompted state regulators to contemplate whether additional oversight is required. At Cryoform, we categorize those injectable  treatments as minimally invasive since they involve piercing the skin.

Sometimes, the most reliable way to determine if your state has specific regulations for your body contouring procedure is by reaching out and making a direct inquiry. It’s worth noting that regulations often tend to specify what’s prohibited rather than what’s explicitly permitted.

In summary, body contouring is typically an unregulated industry in many states due to its non-invasive nature. Whether you need a license will depend on your local regulations, so be sure to investigate your state’s requirements before offering these services.